Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
  • This blog does not collect or store personal information with the exception of minimal data if you choose to log in and post a comment (see later)
  • It is based on the open source Ghost content management system. The source code for the Ghost CMS can be viewed on GitHub
  • The theme used for this instance of a Ghost CMS is the open source Edition theme. The source code for the Edition theme can be viewed on GitHub
  • This blog does not set or use cookies with the following limited exceptions
    - when logging in to post a comment (see later for more details)
    - when the site is in development and private, it sets a session cookie to control access. If you are reading this, then the site is not private!
    - a session cookie is set when accessing the administration part of the site. I hope very much if you are reading this that you cannot access the admin part of the site!
  • The Cloudflare Content Delivery Network sits in front of this blog providing caching and security. The Cloudflare CDN currently sets a _cfduid cookie. This is deprecated and Cloudflare will stop doing this shortly after 21st May 2021. The cookie is used solely for performance and security as detailed on Cloudflare.
  • This site does not use any tracking / analytics cookies such as that used by Google Analytics. It does use the "privacy first" Cloudflare web analytics but this does not use cookies.
  • The Comments functionality on this site is provided by the open source remark42 component. The source code for remark42 can be viewed on Github.
    - remark42 is a light weight, "privacy first" comments system and was chosen for this reason when compared to more heavyweight and intrusive offerings
    - the privacy details for remark42 are best viewed directly on the remark42 site as they are more likely to be kept up to date than in this privacy policy!
    - in particular, if you log on via one of the "social logon providers", you should note what limited data is used from those sites and what is held in hashed (non-reversible) form locally. When you log in, the remark42 comments system writes two cookies. One to remember that you've logged in and the other as a security measure (preventing "cross site request forgery")
  • Other than that, like almost all websites, this blog records "access logs" that will contain your IP address. These logs are only used for problem investigation and are kept for a limited amount of time.
  • If you need to get in contact about any data privacy issues with this site or to request deletion of any comments you may have made, please email

Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only to this site hosted at and not the site at or any other site linked to from these pages.